Avicenna Health Hack 2023

Sustainable Health care:
Built to last? Working together on resilience in healthcare

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For the sixth time, the Avicenna Health Hack is organised in the Netherlands! Due to the successes of past years, the Avicenna Health Hack committee and MIT Hacking Medicine have joined forces again to ensure you of a first-class event. During the hackathon, participants from different areas of expertise will design and create innovative solutions for health care related challenges. By combining the expertise of students, patients, health professionals and sustainability professionals, this hackathon will be a stepping stone for healthcare innovation.

This year’s hackathon will take place on April 29nd 2023. Tickets will be available soon!

HACKATHON – In a nutshell, a hackathon is an interdisciplinary event where participants from different areas of expertise collaborate in teams to find innovative solutions to health care related challenges under expert supervision. During the hackathon, participants aim to develop the best ideas for actual products or prototypes in order to make a big difference for patients as well as health care professionals around the globe. The event also offers the opportunity for extensive networking: interdisciplinary connections can drive surprising collaborations.

SUSTAINABILITY – Sustainability can be defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The concept of sustainability is composed of three pillars: economic, environmental, and social—also known informally as profits, planet, and people. Increasingly, companies are making public commitments to sustainability through actions like reducing waste, investing in renewable energy, and supporting organizations that work toward a more sustainable future.

THEME – This year’s theme, resilience in healthcare, will focus on financial sustainability as well as wellbeing in the healthcare sector. The current health care system is facing various challenges including rising health care costs, increasing pressure on health care systems and shortages of healthcare providers. Due to these challenges, the current health care system must be adapted to be able to become future proof. But how can this be obtained, what should be done, by who and who is responsible? The complexity of these challenges call for transdisciplinary collaboration. Therefore, this broad theme, and the various cases and challenges it includes, requires you and your input as a participant, to hack these issues to arrive at appropriate and sustainable solutions.

PARTICIPANTS – Every healthcare fanatic is welcome to participate in the hackathon, whether you are a (health) professional, (master) student, policy maker, entrepreneur, consultant, patient or designer!

LAST YEAR’S PRIZES – At the end of the event, the jury will award prizes to the best teams. These teams will be granted the chance to further develop their prototype under guidance of experts and bring their product to the market.
Last year’s prizes:
– 1st prize: Consultancy by House Of Innovation worth €1500.
– 2nd prize: Innovation development workshop by Berenschot consultancy.
– 3rd prize: Participation in SHC-Traject: professional coaching and exclusive training sessions to further develop your innovation by the Sustainable Healthcare Challenge.
In addition, all 3 prize winners were granted the opportunity to directly participate as one of the 30 participants of NLC’s green Healthtech challenge, by passing the first selection round!

PARTNERS & VOLUNTEERS – We are always looking for partnerships and individuals that would like to help organise this event. Interested? Please contact us!

We hope to see you April 29nd!

Last years experts

Diederik Gommers
Speaker session
Professor Intensive Care - Erasmus MC
Nicole Hunfeld
Speaker session and judge
Board member KNMP, sustainability project leader and hospital pharmacist - Erasmus MC
Lieke van Kerkhoven
co-founder FLOOW2
Ton de Boer
Professor Pharmacotherapy & President - CBG
Digvijay Gahtory
Innovation manager and entrepreneur in the life sciences - FFund
Charlotte van Laar
Senior Medical Specialist - ABN AMBRO
Rob Boelens
Senior Medical Specialist - ABN AMBRO
Adri Kraa
Workshop and coach
Partner & Health Innovator - Vital Innovators
Robin Coosen
Strategy consultant - Gupta Strategists
Tessa van Prooijen
Board member - Mileu Jongeren Actief
Pascale Schure
GP & midwife - Unilabs
Vincent Molenaar
Health Scientist - Unilabs
Lisa Fransen
Consultant Health Care - Berenschot
Sara Schrama
Consultant Health Care - Berenschot
Sascha Moenis
Medical Manager Lung - Boehringer Ingelheim NL
Hidde van der Gaag
Early-stage investor - ASIF Ventures
Ties Hagemeijer
Early-stage investor - ASIF Ventures
Jorieke van der Stelt
General practitioner - De duurzame Doktor
Louise Luitse
Healthcare Capacity Lead - Stichting het Potentieel Pakken
Martijn van Eck
Project Manager - Stichting het Potentieel Pakken
Tanya Talkar
PhD student, MIT Hacking Medicine Team

Last years program and partners

Saturday, April 2nd
09:00 Opening and word of welcome
09:10 Inspiring speaker session
By Diederik Gommers and Nicole Hunfeld from Erasmus MC and the Green Intensive Care
09:50 Short break
10:00 Workshop
by Gupta Strategists and Vital Innovators
10:30 HACK IT!
12:30 Lunch break
13:00 HACK IT!
Incl. Pitch workshop by MIT Hacking Medicine
15:00 Pitch presentations
16:30 Drinks and connect
Incl. Festive award ceremony
18:00 End

Gold partners

Silver partners

Bronze partners


We are eight ambitious students from different universities who came together to contribute to the improvement of healthcare. During our studies we realised that, within the medical field, there are complex problems that need different perspectives to find a solution. During the hackathon we aim to build bridges between both groups to come up with innovations where patients benefit from. We hope that the hackathon enables our participants to forge new connections and collaborations that will last for a long time.

We hope to see you during our hackathon!

Board members:

Top row from left to right,
Guusje Hulsman, Utrecht University, Pharmacy & Law, (Acquisition)
Michelle Hilbrands, Utrecht University, Medicine (Secretery)
Annelieke Schoen, Utrecht University, Medicine (Acquisition)
Roos van der Kamp, VU Amsterdam, Health Sciences (Promotion)

Bottom row from left to right,
Julie Toutenhoofd, VU Amsterdam, Science, Business & Innovation (Acquisition)
Helen Ligteringen, Utrecht University, Pharmacy (Chair)
Nikki Wiggers, Utrecht University, Pharmacy (Treasurer)
Alieke Bos, Utrecht University, Pharmacy (Location and Logistics)


Our Mission? Hack healthcare. Break it down, build it up, make it better.

With this vision, MIT Hacking Medicine – established within the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston – has organised numerous healthcare hackathons worldwide. This non-profit organisation unites innovative data, ideas and techniques within a hackathon to create a pressure cooker environment for healthcare innovation. In the past, this has resulted in successful ideas, like an app that guides a doctor in the process of making an ultrasound to optimize the position of the transducer. By organizing a hackathon with over 500 participants, the members of MIT Hacking Medicine are perfect candidates to guide our participants through the process of innovation.